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Professionals in polished concrete flooring

When you’re looking for a polished concrete contractor, Sydney Polished Concrete should be your first stop. We are a trusted and established company in the industry with years of experience producing high-quality finishes on both commercial and residential properties, as well as anything from small patches to large garages. With so many fantastic options available , including tile and wood floors, we are the go-to company for both residential customers and business owners.

We specialize in concrete flooring projects of all sizes, so if you’re looking to install a new garage or want some help repairing your driveway—we’ve got you covered! Contact  us today to learn more about our services and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Cost-effective solution to expensive replacement or repair.
  • Safe and durable surface that can be enjoyed for decades.
  • Eco-friendly, non toxic, stain resistant finish is easy to maintain.
  • Waterproof surface with a slip resistant coefficient rating of 95%.
  • Available in a variety of colors.

Sydney Polished Concrete is a leading concrete polishing company in Australia specializing in extending the life of worn and damaged surfaces. Polished Concrete has been providing commercial, residential facilities with affordable alternatives to costly replacement or repair.


Commercial Polished Concrete Sutherland Shire

The Commercial Polished Concrete industry has been growing rapidly in the past few years and is expected to continue its growth as more people are starting to recognize the benefits of polished concrete. It's a cost effective alternative for many commercial properties because it eliminates large up front expenditures such as labor, material costs, and other expenses typically needed for a new building. Sydney Polished Concrete has been installing polished concrete for commercial properties and has experience in many different types of projects.

Concrete Grinding and Sealing Sutherland Shire

The process of grinding is often done in a workshop, with the concrete being ground to various degrees ranging from coarse to fine. The final finish will depend on factors such as what has been coated onto it and how many coats have been applied whether or not you are polishing or sealing them. Polished Concrete can also be done in a workshop, or it can be carried out on site. For Concrete Grinding and Sealing Sydney has many Concrete Grinding and Sealing experts to assist with your project.

Driveway Resurfacing Sutherland Shire

Sydney Polished Concrete is a professional driveway resurfacing company in the Australia Area. We offer residential and commercial services, including flatwork repair such as concrete leveling, which can be used to fix minor problems with your driveway's surface or make your driveway look new again if you're looking for an upgrade. Give us a call and we can provide you with a free quote on driveway resurfacing.

Non-slip Flooring Sutherland Shire

In order to keep your home safe from accidents on slippery surfaces, one thing that everyone can do is by installing non-slip flooring. This type of surface is designed to provide a non-skid grip that will reduce the risk for accidents and injuries as well as providing a more comfortable walking experience. We offer non-slip flooring in Sydney, we also have the best prices for this type of service. So if you have an interest in our product and want to learn more about it please contact us today!

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Sydney Polished Concrete offers a variety of polished concrete surfaces for both interior and exterior applications. Polishing the surface creates an extremely hard, nonporous finish that resists dirt and stains. The process also has an extremely low coefficient of friction, which reduces the risk of slipping. Contact Sydney Polished Concrete today at [contact number] to find out more about our polished concrete options.